I imagine it’ll be pretty weird.

My bed time routine is very strict. Get up off couch (where I’ve likely fallen asleep after having folded laundry, done sewing, cleaning the kitchen, and doing housework once Elizabeth is in bed), check on my sleeping daughter, make sure doors are locked, porch lights are on, and house alarm set. Grab it–the computer and charger–and head back to the bedroom. I plug it in next to my bed…just in case. And even though it whirs all night long, the price is totally worth the occasional pay off that comes in the form of a rare skype call.

When he gets home, I won’t have to do that anymore–take that thing everywhere. On trips, to the living room in the morning and the bedroom at night, keep my cell phone in my pocket when I absolutely must be away from the computer.

I never was one for technology. I’m not a “texter’ nor do I own a smart phone–a difficult and personal decision I made when my Soldier left. I have standard phone. It makes phone calls. It might have a camera on it, I’m not sure. Our satellite doesn’t DVR and we don’t own an i-anything.

But my computer and cell phone have stayed next to me the last nearly seven months. And they still have five more months duty.

When he gets home, I will finally be able to shut off the computer. Put my phone away. And that will probably be as weird as it is wonderful. No more whirring all night next to my bed. No more near-panic attacks when I realized I’ve left my phone in the car, in another room. No. He will be here. And I won’t need them anymore.

Until then, I stay leashed to the electronics. Only about five and a half months until I can cut the cord…er, cords.

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