The Whirlwind Weekend

Ok, just for the record, being 22 is very eventful. Some really good things and some kind of rough things have reared their wonderful or ugly heads (depending on if the circumstance was a good thing or a rough thing or me just looking in the mirror first thing in the morning) since I have become another year older.

But, Christmas arrived, with all of its gifts and prayers and Midnight Mass. It brought Santa, who mistakenly took me for a very good girl and showered me with many gifts, my brother and sister-in-law (who are now expecting! Prayers for them would be much appreciated!), and Christmas morning saw a total of ten people sitting in our living room, full of love and happiness for the birth of the baby Jesus. It was quite exciting. I have to say, I can’t wait to get back and try out my game Twister with the girls on the hall. :o)

My birthday, too, went well. I recieved calls from many people including two of my favorite guy friends (or boyfriends, if I’m on pain medication…), who serenaded me on the phone and attempted to aid my mother in stealing my hamburger. Thanks, Dan and Larry! Also, Bethie, Ashley, Lola, Michele, Sarah, Jenn, and Joe M. called to wish me birthday wishes. It was God’s way. Ted even called, which was exciting! (If I have forgotten to mention a name, my apologies, but there are two names not on the list that did not call…)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you all are in my prayers! Please pray for my Justin and Molly as well as my twin, who also could use many prayers right now.

God bless and may the baby Jesus keep you all very happy!

16 thoughts on “The Whirlwind Weekend

  1. Hey Dude. Why can’t the guys play twister, too? It’d be a lot of fun and it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. Both have its advantages and disadvantages in such a complicated game.


  2. Twister is not a co-ed game. Ha-HA!! I miss you so much Addie!! Your family is in my prayers always…keep plugging, and only two more weeks till break’s over!! (Well, a little over two, but hey).


  3. Well, Addie dearest, I DID e-mail. You see, I left your phone number back at the dorm where it would do me no good at all. But I did e-mail. And I will call you soon. And I am very stupendously happpy for your brother and sister-in-law and new niece and nephew, and for you. All our in my prayers. Love, Sass


  4. Apparently I did not merit mention as one of the people who graced you with the sound of my voice on your birthday. All I got mentioned for was the fact that my wife and I are now expecting! How incalculably rude! I demand some form of restorative mention in the next blog posting! *chuckles* It definitely <>was<> a wonderful Christmas, even with the negative things that went on. Be sure to let me know if you hear anything about the whole conspiracy, Adrienne!Love,~Justin


  5. I’ll bet he just wrecked the car.Sass, you <>could<> have emailed <>me<> and asked for her number like a certain thoughtful young man did!Okay, Addy. This is Jen. This is Jen commenting on your blog that she visits all the time. When do I see you commenting on my blog? Huh?


  6. Yo Adrienne! So, I totally would’ve called if I had your number… and cell phone reception at my house… and a soul, ok, I’m a bad person, but we already knew that. Rock, rock on! Enjoy the rest of break and 2006!


  7. You know I think people take me too seriously a lot of the time. But there are a lot of other times when they don’t take me seriously enough. I can decide which bothers me more. Actually I can’t even decide if that bothers me at all. I’ll have to think about it the next time someone takes me too seriously or not seriously enough.


  8. For example, if people actually thought that I looked up to the fonz I would think they were taking me too seriously. I’d be bothered if people thought that.


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