What’s That Smell?

Ok, so a thought struck me while I was shopping yesterday. While my mother was looking through the meat case (“Something from the meatcase, Linda?” I hope some of you know from where that quote comes…) I happened to, while glancing around during a moment of boredom, see a can of air freshener. It was a typical can, Glade was the brand if my memory serves me right. I looked down to see the scent. Glistening Snow, the can read. Suddenly, a thought struck me. What the heck does Glistening Snow smell like? I mean, for those of you who live in a normal place where it snows at this time of year (because it’s been in the seventies here), could you kindly go outside the next time it snows and shove your face into the white stuff and inhale really hard. Then promptly call me. Last I checked, glistening snow, itself, does not have a particular smell. And if it does, would one really want their living room or bathroom to smell like Glistening Snow?

I found a similar case in the laundry aisle. One of the detergent claimed to smell like Sparkling Ocean. I, for one, happen to have this detergent at school. The detergent smells very wonderful, and my clothes always smell quite fresh. However, it does not smell like sparkling ocean. Why in the world would one want to smell like stale salt water? I prefer smelling fresh, but that’s just me.

When we made our way into the cleaning agents aisle, I knew I had found quite possibly the dumbest items inwhich to put scents. Toilet bowl cleaner?! There were three scents. Now honestly, and I may regret asking this question, but who really gets close enough to the inside of their toilet bowl to know what it smells like. The only possible candidate that I can think of is the family dog, if you have one big enough to complete this task. Would your canine friend (although, I don’t think it would be my friend if he spent his time in the toilet bowl) really care if the bowl smelled like Pacific Ocean, Country Air, or Country Apples?
Maybe I was thinking too much, but I just couldn’t get over the principle of it all. I mean, really.

So, for me I’ll just stick to Original, but who’s to say that’s any better? For the rest of you, it is my hopes that your living room, laundry, and toilet bowl all smell really…good. Whether good is defined in glistening snow, pacific ocean, or sparkling ocean is totally up to you. Just keep it to your self. Especially the toilet bowl stuff.

9 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?

  1. I’ve usually found with that stinky stuff that they just want an excuse to stink up your room/toilet/bathroom. I’ve never been big of stinks, as the concentrated smell actually usually smells worse than what it is supposed to hide. As to your questions, snow smells like water. Regular, unpolluted water. At least it does in New Hampshire in the country, right after it snows. There’s no such thing as a glistening ocean that smells like anything you’d want to wear. The closest you’ll get is clean regular water with a heavy salt smell. Combined with the smell of sand, fishy creatures, your sunscreen, and the scent of you skin baking under the sun..


  2. Clean. Snow smells clean. I think I would like to have snow smell in my house. But I’m pretty sure the Glistening Snow you speak of does not smell the same as the stuff outside my house. Actually, the stuff outside my house is old and kind of dirty. I hope it doesn’t smell like that!!!


  3. Sparkling snow is the best scent on earth. It is so God’s way. I can’t believe you don’t love it, like I do. I even use it as body spray for a Saturday afternoon.Toilet bowl freshner has some applications. Those little bleach ones make the bathroom smell like bleach .. . . I think you would like those, knowing your fondness for that particular cleaning product.


  4. I’ll tell you what’s God’s way – normal people going to Christendom! Since when did my glorious Alma Mater become populated by a bunch of wiggedy-whackos? *stifles a laugh* In <>my<> day, people did <>normal<> stuff, like running across campus toward the Chapel screaming “Sanctuary!” or dressing up in ridiculous 60’s garb with bed-sheet capes and calling themselves a super-hero. People using toilet-bowl cleaner as body-spray? *tsk-tsk-tsk* Goodness gracious, someone has definitely lost their grasp on sanity.Hoota-froota, ingish binga.Wiggedy-whackos – I like that. I’m so clever!


  5. Ok, Justin. My friends are God’s Way, and they are pretty abnormal. It makes life more fun. Don’t worry, Christendom is not getting any more normal anytime soon!


  6. Addie, Thanks for your defense against Justin the merciless. He’s vicious, that one! You may not even know who I am! Well, cruise over to my blog and leave some comments or something, it’s boring over there without your little light!See you soon dear!


  7. What you fail to see with the toilet bowl cleaner scents is that they are actually meant to be dog breath fresheners. They just CALL it toilet bowl cleaner. You’ve all been duped.


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