Right now is a time of huge upheaval for my little family. My husband (as previously posted) is deploying to Haiti within the week. We have less than a week’s notice and he’ll be gone six months. He is being detained at work until at least 9:30 every night, practically eliminating any quality time with his daughter. We still have no idea when exactly he’s leaving–could be tomorrow, could be a few days from now, could be next week.

So, I try all day to keep it together. I moments of disbelief, when none of this seems real. The military regulation items sitting on the den floor seem to be stuff Richard wants to remember to take to work (a common habit of his that works). The long hours at work are just temporary due to training his soldiers. Then there are moments when it hits me…hard. I have to stop, breathe very deeply and choke back tears. I am going to be left with an infant, a major adjustment I was still making. I will be forced to live without my best friend for six months. All the help he is (so much!) and the sweet favors he does without being asked will be my responsibility. I am terrified.

But, I am going to try, each day, to name one good aspect that occurred during that 24 hours. Before I turn out my light at night, I will make myself find one good thing, even small, that happened during the day. Maybe less fusses from Elizabeth. Or I was unually peppy during the day. Or, I didn’t spill something. I must believe that there will be good through all this bad and hopefully cultivating this habit will aid me in seeing the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, I will just keep telling myself to breathe while I plead for strength.

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  1. hello!

    Oh gosh, 6 months! That is a long time.
    I have been without my husband for a week or so when my baby was younger (he is now 1yr 2months), so I can empathise to a certain extent.

    I would really like to get to know you better, perhaps we can become friends. I would like to invite you to read my blog (even though my writing is no where near as eloquent and lovely as yours!!) but it is password protected and I couldn't find your email address to add you.
    If you would like to, you can either email me with your email address (antonias.world@gmail.com), or leave me a comment at my old non-password-protected blog:


    It will be tough, but you will get through it, and if you stick close to your beloved Lord, I am sure the next 6 months can be a very fruitful time of grace & spiritual growth.

    with love,
    you are in my prayers


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