Lucy Margaret Smith

On July 22, 2006, a miraculous and amazing thing happened. And when it happened, it affected so many people. Tears were shed, screams echoed, and laughter ensued. Hearts were stirred. For a moment, the world stopped moving for two very happy people while their families waited for news and pictures. “For a moment the whole world revolved around one boy and one girl.” At 12:17 pm on July 22, 2006, Lucy Margaret Mary Smith was born.

I have the priveledge of calling Justin Smith my brother. Despite the teasing and the trouble he’s been known to get me in, that guy is one heck of a man. I am so very proud of him, and he has done so much for God already. Back in 1999, Justin left home and travelled from a foreign country to go to college. I was there for his first weekend. Braving all, he dove into a world completely foreign to him. And sitting behind him at Mass that Sunday was a girl whom I thought was absolutely beautiful. I had, as silly girls do, thought it would be wonderful if my brother fell in love with her. Except on that point, God and I agreed. Four years later, Justin graduated, dating the only girl I’ve ever felt deserved my brother.

He went on to Law School, with Molly’s unwavering support and the two held a long distant relationship in the most mature fashion I’ve witnessed. It went from one to be proud of to two. Justin made waves at law school, never abandoning his faith and earning more awards than I could ever dream of winning. And Molly stayed patient and faithful to God and Justin. I was swelling with pride.

I’ll never forget the day that I realized suddenly that Justin was not a boy anymore. It was after his second year of law school and he was coming home from his internship at a law firm. Three weeks before his wedding, he climbed the front steps in his pin stripe suit and greeted my father with a handshake. For a second, tears welled in my eyes. I was proud, but also a bit sad.

Two years later, Justin and Molly united in Holy Matrimony. It was on that day that I became acutely aware that things were going to be very different. No longer was Justin going to be coming home on his breaks, no longer were Justin and Molly just dating. God had united them together forever and Justin didn’t belong to us anymore. I never told my brother, but I was the happiest girl on the day of their wedding. I can count very few moments when I’ve been that proud. And Molly, I was so happy to finally be able to truly refer to her as a sister. But the day after the wedding, I went home as one selfishly sad little girl. Justin and Molly were gone.

How wrong I was. I’ve seen more of Justin and Molly, especially Molly, than I did before thier wedding. And I was prouder still. Through the hardships of losing one baby and a job, Molly and Justin held onto each other and God. They truly became what all married couples should dream of becoming. And they made it through. They deserve all things happy.

And now they have that. Little Lucy gives me another reason to be so very proud of Justin and Molly. What wonderful parents the two of them will make. And how happy a family they will be! As I’ve grown up behind Justin, he has left a legacy that I have given up trying to live up to. Instead, I just sit in the back and watch the couple truly live the phrase, Restore all things in Christ.

I watched two very special people fall in love with each other and with God. From that simple, yet profound love has come a child. How amazing this is to me! And what a proud aunt I have already become. And it’s not just my niece of which I am so proud. It’s her parents, whom I hope know how much I dearly love them. As they build their family, I will only increase in reasons for my pride. May God bless that family always. And God bless my little Lucy.

5 thoughts on “Lucy Margaret Smith

  1. Coiledrose has said something very accurate, but also has uttered a large understatement. Adrienne, I am truly undeserving of all the loving flattery you heap upon me, especially since you are quite a wonderful and beautiful person yourself. You fill my heart with pride each day, and I am so glad to call you my sister! Thank you for this exceedingly touching and complimentary blog-post, and for the great opinion you have of me (and my new baby)! Everyone may visit my blog to see a picture of Lucy Margaret Mary Smith!


  2. Hurray! You are now Aunty Adrienne! You get to spoil that child in a way no one else in the world can. Pretty soon, we are going to have to start a club…won’t that be fun! 🙂


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