The last three weeks have been insane.  No, really.  Chaotic, stressful, intense days filled with many prayers and nights full of running between children.  

It started out as it always does lately.  A fever.  The two year old bit the dust first, and oozing congestion from everywhere on her face.  Her eyes–I’d never seen that–were so gunky, I was wiping them as much as her nose.  Then the four year old fell.  Then, yes, the baby.  I was hoping she wouldn’t get it.  I was paranoid  because after the last major illness hit the family, she ended up in the hospital for three days.  So this time, I fought it again.  After a week of illness, I brought all three in.  A virus.  Okay.  We went home…and then I got sick.  It was awful!  Achiness and joint pain so bad that I could hardly move!  Stuffiness and gunkiness like none other.  I was trying not to stress out.  Taking care of children and feeling disgusting is mutually exclusive.  So, I just fed them.  The house did not get cleaned, except the necessary.  
We were hoping to head to Dallas to see my brother and his wife.  It’s about a five hour drive without stops.  Mostly the trip, aside from seeing family, was an opportunity for me to overcome fear–the fear of a roadtrip alone with three children.  Self-doubt of course was surfacing, but I was determined to prove to myself we could do it.  And we did.  We felt so much better, and hit the road.  We had such a good time! 

“Helping” Uncle Drew.

They have a sweet home and my brother is doing amazing things in updating and improving it!  It was such a blessing to have time with family.  

But, then Anne started getting sick again.  Really sick.  By Sunday, she was hardly having any wet diapers.  I began offering even more milk and water all day Monday.  Despite that, her diaper output decreased further.  Early Tuesday morning, we hit the road.  I needed to get her home and to the hospital.  We arrived home at noon, and that evening I took her in.  At 2 am, she was admitted for severe dehydration.  I had thought many times, I wonder how a mother would deal with hospitalization while her husband is deployed.  I wonder…and here I was dealing with it.  I ended up having to leave Anne at the hospital and go home to the older girls.  I felt like someone was tearing my heart out of my chest.  I desperately wanted to split myself into two people, and be present for all of my girls.  But, I had to Charlie Mike.  
Anne was released the next day and, praise God, we are all completely well.  But, the house and the stress had just left me burnt out.  I am so thankful today that I am getting three hours to myself while the girls play at Hourly Care.  I needed a refresh.  It’s so crazy how fast a mama can get burnt out alone.  I have so much respect for single mothers.  
Healthy Baby! 
So, today we had an intervention on the house.  We girls teamed together and cleaned the downstairs.  I mopped the floors and cleaned the kitchen.  A dirty house makes me really stressed out. Because of this, I sat down yesterday and made a weekly cleaning schedule.  I am pretty excited.  Printed lists were made for people like me.  I found a template, modified it, and printed and laminated it myself.  It took a lot of work, but I am very happy with it.  And I think it’s going to make cleaning and handling the house alone much easier.  
My new schedule! 
I am actually excited about Monday, and implementing the new schedule!  I know, I have a problem.  But at least it bears good fruit.  
Happy Friday! 

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  1. Okay, so other than playing the mom card, how are you motivating the girls to participate in keeping the house clean. Because I know that is going to be a fun task whenever we have kids.


  2. So glad you are all back to health. Summer colds are the worst and even more so in hot places like Texas!
    I know what you mean about a clean house, it keeps me sane too. Good luck with your cleaning list and enjoy implementing it. I'm one of those people that by the time I finish my elaborate cleaning plan I don't feel like cleaning and do something different.;) Your's looks very smart and practical.


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