So, I decided, on a whim, that we girls needed to make cookies today.  Less than an hour before naptime, my oldest and I decided on Peanut Butter cookies.  So we made them. 

We measured and mixed, combined and stirred.  She was elated to turn on the mixer.  What a helper!  I decided that she should be the one to put the criss-crosses on the cookies.  It was so cute teaching her! 
“First this way,” I said, “and then this way.”  I showed her with a few cookies, and then let her go to work.  With each cookie that I put on the sheets, I’d hear her say quietly, “First dis way, den dis way.”  She reminds me so much of myself at that age–sometimes it scares me!  Because I know her spirit and her heart are probably very similar to mine.  What a huge responsibility to guard and form them!

It’s all about the simple things.  Spending time with my little sweetie was wonderful! And what a good helper! 

First this way, then that way.

So yummy!

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