It’s all about the little things.

I’d been looking forward to this morning for weeks. I am spoiled, though, so I knew what was coming. Especially if I just asked.

The appointment was early-ish. I was up at seven, showered and dressed, with my breakfast eaten by eight. The house was quiet and the early morning sun was streaming through the kitchen windows. I tip-toed back and saw her. Sleeping. So peacefully. So I let her continue. And I cleaned in silence. I read the paper. I just soaked up the sunshine and quiet.

We finally got called back. My doctor is the kindest man–he saw me during my daughter’s pregnancy and delivered her the night she was born. He knows us. And he calls Richard “his friend.” So, I asked. Mostly I just wanted to know if the baby was head down. But, I also wanted a peek at my baby.

So, he turned on the machine. Baby is head down. And moving. The giant knot I have felt in my right side is Baby’s bottom. And the tiny moving swishes I kept running my fingers along last night were the feet. I knew it. Then, I saw my favorite part–the profile. Such a beautiful, cute baby profile. Baby flipped and faced us.

I can’t wait.

I soaked that in, too. The baby–our baby, it’s movements, that it’s head was down. That we are only two months from finally meeting each other. That my daughter saw the picture on the screen and excitedly yelled out, “Baby?!”

I soaked in hanging out with a dear friend, spending time with the wives at the FRG meeting. Laughing. Talking. Relaxing.

I soaked in the skype call–just in time. I had just gotten home. He and I laughed. We talked about Baby. About coming home in several months. Such sweet conversation.

Each day, we have a choice. We can focus on the negative, or choose to soak in the positive. I can dwell on what’s going wrong, or I can find the joy and beauty in front of me.

Today, I chose beauty, happiness, joy. Today was a beautiful day! Baby, friends, love. I am so blessed.

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