They’re just over there to kill people.

Nothing makes my heart hurt more, my blood boil faster, or my family pride ruffle more quickly. My husband. His brothers in arms. Over there to kill people.


I understand people don’t agree on the war. People don’t agree on politics or presidential administrations. People don’t agree on military presence in the middle east. I understand that. People will never agree on these things. And that’s what makes America beautiful. We are entitled to our opinions, our beliefs, our arguments.

But have some tact, people.

My mother always said, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” So true. When I discuss the wars, the administration, the politics, typically I am not the one to bring it up. I also do not tend to advertise my husband’s profession and my current situation. I just argue my point, when pressed. And then I quietly back out. I’ve been involved in respectful arguments, where the other person expressed their beliefs without insulting or degrading the military.

Then I’ve heard, “Well, they’re just over there to kill people.” And I’ve heard it a lot. Sometimes, they don’t know my story. Other times they do. Either way, I do not understand.

My husband did not sign up for the Army to kill people. He did not pack his bags for a year-long deployment three times now, to kill people. He did not board a bus, he did not leave his young daughter and pregnant wife, he does not serve his country to kill people.

He does it because he loves his country. He does it because he loves his friends, his family, his wife, his daughter. He serves because he has such a profound love and respect for what it means to be American.

I’ve met many of his Army buddies, with whom he’s served–fine, upstanding young men and women who inspire me and for whom I have the utmost respect. The same applies to them: they serve because they love.

Whether or not you agree with the war, with the administration, with the current politics. Whether your arguments lie more conservatively or liberally, tea party or Obama’s party, I encourage you to exercise your right to your opinion–that which my husband and his fellow Soldiers fight so hard for. But, I implore you to choose your words carefully, tactfully, respectfully.

These men and women do not choose their vocation lightly. And nor do they do it to “kill people.”

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  1. I think some people that have no affiliation with the military don't realize what the men, women, and their families go through when one enlists. Therefore, they speak with no regard of the truth.


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