Sitting here writing a paper, I notice a light outside the window next to my desk. I look out, and realize it’s the light my husband had put up to light up the American Flag that perpetually hangs outside our front door. As I stare out and look at the flag in the fading night, I watch it wave and dance proudly. My husband diligently goes outside daily to straighten it, and makes sure the light never goes out. He will take it down and place it respectfully in the closet when a nasty storm is heading our way. He gets upset each time he sees the flag disrespected or hanging tattered. He strapped his boots, packed his bags, and left his family to defend that same piece of cloth that hangs outside our house.

And now he might not get paid. This seems so unjust.

When he left, I knew I’d worry about how the deployment would impact my daughter. I knew I’d worry every second about his life and safety. I would worry about making sure all the tedious and important household tasks were done. I would worry about a lot. But I never thought I’d have to worry about whether or not he and I would get paid.

The same man, who treats the flag like a small child or aged person–so lovingly and respectfully–will likely be working without pay. The man who left his family behind to defend freedom, who said good-bye to his young daughter, who hugged his wife outside of a giant white bus, that man will not be paid.

But, he will still do his job.

He won’t do it because he has to. He will do it for the same reason he make sure to unravel the tangled flag on the doorstep. He will do it for the same reason he bought the most expensive light at Wal-Mart for the flag. He will do it for the same reason he tied his boots, stuffed his bag, left his wife and daughter and walked tall with his head down towards that God awful bus.

He loves his country. He loves America. Despite the fact that his own country won’t pay him, he’ll still stand in defense of them. He stand tall and continue mission. Without one word of complaint or resentment, he’ll fulfill his mission. Pay or no pay.

My husband will do this, because he’s an American Soldier. It’s in his blood.

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