I did it. I hadn’t really ventured beyond my door, except twice to my parents’ house, since Sunday. Maybe I’m the only one, but going somewhere without someone with whom you go almost everywhere can be daunting. Especially when you’re still having major emotional ups and downs. I kept almost changing my mind. But, I promised my husband I would get involved and stay busy. So, I came home this morning after having crashed at my parents, threw together some Valentine’s, and off we went to the children’s Valentine’s Party at Church. It was so nice to get out and be somewhere busy. Elizabeth was somewhat clingy, but really enjoyed watching the children all run around.

I’ve realized that victory sometimes lies in the small things, like realizing your crying less and less as each day goes by (so far, today’s count is zero–that’s unprecedented!). It lies in finishing the laundry all by yourself, even though you’re used to help. It’s getting through making a healthy meal for yourself and daughter and eating the entire plate, especially without getting a stomach ache. Victory really is making it through another day.

So, I feel good this evening, for the most part. I am still adjusting, still adapting. Still coming up with plans to make the time fly faster, and methods to stay more connected with the husband. I keep telling myself that if the deployment date came and went, so will the homecoming day.

I would like to take a moment to thank friends and family for their prayers. Please, please keep them up. I know they are being answered. I might post a prayer that those of you who’d want, could say it for a particular intention of mine. But, regardless, God bless you all.

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  1. You've probably heard all the tricks in the books for counting down the time but one I've heard is buying soda or some food or candy enough to last til he comes home, whether it is consuming it every day or once every week. It's supposed to help.


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