T Minus One Week….

T minus one week. One week and I am awash with emotions right now. Frustration at lack of time to finish necessary projects or to spend time with my husband. Immense sadness at living life for a full year without him. Fear of being without him, and of losing him.

I read the books. They said you feel excited to see them go, that’s a natural reaction. I am not excited. I haven’t been excited. Odds are, I won’t get excited. Just scared and frustrated. It’s really hard, too, not to let these emotions take hold of me, to be irrational. And in so many ways, too.

When it rains, it pours. Of course other struggles have surfaced this week that we are sorting through, as well. I reflect on Padre Pio’s words, “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry.” I think, he clearly was not a wife and mother. And I chuckle. I know I mustn’t worry. But, it’s awfully hard.

I will miss getting up early with him on work-mornings to make his breakfast and lunch, racing the clock to have his over-easy eggs and toast on the table as he walks through the door from PT. I will have a hard time looking at the clock at three in the afternoon, and not get excited that he is coming home in two hours. I will miss watching him play with Elizabeth while I cook a dinner I’m sure he’ll like. Evenings after seven, when my darling girl is in bed, will make me sad. That’s our time–Mommy and Daddy time, we call it. We read or watch TV, and pray. We relax. Together. Weekends will be hard, since I usually relish sleeping in later with him next to me. Breathing. That bed will be terribly lonely.

But, life will move forward, just as it has the last few months. I’ve thought desperately as to how I can stop it. I can’t. And so it will move while he’s gone. It won’t be easy. It won’t be pleasant. But we will survive. For when I look into his face, so serious, confident, and strong, I know I can do it. I know that I am no victim. This is no Cross thrown on me by chance. The day I walked down the aisle to the man in uniform waiting for me, I accepted my mission. I said yes, confidently. My orders have been written; I am asked to make a sacrifice, too. I will be a steward to my husband, to my daughter. I will stand firm, steady, confidently behind my husband. I will do everything i can to “hold down the fort” in his absence, and make a happy time for my daughter. It’s going to be sad, hard, tough. But we will conquer. I do this not for me. Not for glory or pity. I don’t do this for sympathy. I do this for him. I do this for my Soldier.

One thought on “T Minus One Week….

  1. Getting excited?? Never heard of that as a natural reaction, and I don't think it's right. Panicky? Yes! Deeply sad? Yes. But excited? No.
    So don't feel like you are not reacting “normally”. You are.
    I would tell you “Enjoy the last week with your husband”, but really, it'd be unrealistic. There is not much to enjoy now. Don't try to make great memories. You already have them in your heart. And he will take them with him as well.
    The one thing that helped me during this time was to write him letters that I tuck into his gear. Especially the first few days/weeks there won't be too many chances to communicate, so that was my way make sure he would continue to hear that I love him. Also, as I said before, the last week is usually hectic and less than perfect. With the letters, you'll get a chance to phrase your words just right and tell him exactly what is in your heart and on your mind.
    Thinking of you and praying for you and your husband's safe return!
    Feel free to email me at utefromflowers at gmail dot com anytime if you need to talk.


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