Happy?! New Year

So, I am going to be honest. I was dreading the holiday so much that it surprised me. I knew why, however. In January alone, I will say four huge good-byes. I’ve already done one, as my sister left for North Carolina after an extended Christmas vacation. It was painful. Let’s leave it at that. In a week and a half, my little sister (who still seems like she’s 5 years old in my head) will be leaving for college for the first time. I don’t know that I’ll handle that well. Then, my twin brother, with whom I am incredibly close, is moving to Miama. Finally, the ultimate blow, my husband deploys for 12 months.

After learning a hard lesson about keeping my eyes on God as people and things leave, I know I must keep my peace and Faith. So, while I am usually not one to make New Year’s resolutions, I am forming some for the next year. It will be vitally important.

  • First, I plan on completing several large house projects. In my master bath, I will take down the wall paper border (I hate wall paper border) that is shriveling off my wall and repaint the hideous color. I will also re-do my bedroom colors. When I was a distracted bride-to-be, I chose a dark red and brown…and now my bedroom is oppressive. I am thinking about blue and brown with red accents. I have other projects in the plan.
  • I am going to spend lots of time with my sister Kathleen, who will be the last child at home. As we are both going through a time of immense change, I know continuing to work on our already close relationship will be vital for both of us.
  • I am going to kick my prayer life into high gear. I have several books recommended by dear friends that I will read and comment on here sporadically.
  • I want to crochet something so badly and plan on working on some projects over the next year for Elizabeth and me. I’d also like to make a blanket. I also want to continue trying a variety of baking and cooking recipes. I have derived joy from trying different recipes over the past few months.
  • I am going to ensure that I make time for me. I never do that. So, I am going to register for some work-out classes on post, continue to work on forging local friendships, and get better about leaving the house with Elizabeth. (I put off errands and shopping because I am fearful of shopping with her and her melting down. It’s a really bad habit.)
  • Finally, I am going to keep and update of all of this on here. I plan on writing more, with more focus and really use this to further root a life and attitude of peace and Faith.

Here’s to hoping this makes 2011 a….better, happier year. Even though I’ll not have my best friend at my side, he’ll still be a part of our lives. And I have to keep making that life not just good, but better for him, for our daughter, and for me.

3 thoughts on “Happy?! New Year

  1. You go girl! You will kick this year's butt! Would you like to make crochet something at the same time? We can check in with each other every so often and post picts of our progress πŸ™‚ I have wanted to do a happy ganny square blanket for awhile now and doing it with someone will keeo me motivated! πŸ™‚ Enjoy these last few weeks as best you can. You all are in our prayers! πŸ™‚


  2. Laura–that would be so fun! I would love to do something like that. I have been wanting to pull out my yarn and needles again.

    Justin–thank you. It's scary, but your prayers along with everyone else's will get us through.


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