God’s funny. I say that in the most loving way, but honestly His ways are so funny. By funny, I mean comical, in a hidden sort of way. I guess this is because He is so obvious about what He wants for us, but we are stupid enough to make it more complicated than His will really is.

I returned to my old stomping grounds last Thursday on the 18th of August. To be perfectly honest, I was petrified about returning to school. Many pressures were awaiting my return and I was quite intimidated. From the commencement of my senior thesis to many missing friends, I knew returning was going to be difficult and strange. Had I known the first week was to be as difficult as it was, I would have running the other way screaming.

When I got back, I didn’t find the first week hard or good. I wouldn’t at all use these words to describe the feeling. The only adequate word is weird. I found it quite strange to be a senior, with all that this implies, and found it stranger still not to have most of my (now) alumni friends returning with me. The first week was filled with much prayer and anxiety, but I clung strongly to Christ’s hand. He guided me through what turned out to be more than what I imagined was in store. Without Him, I would not have made it.

And then He sent me another reminder. “Stop focusing on yourself, Adrienne. You’re not here for you. I put you here for everyone else. You know this, I’ve told you many times before. Do as I ask and everything will fall into place.” So I did as asked and everything fell into place. And I am happy.

How often we get sucked into our own problems and issues that seem so giant. And yet, God willing, when we are in our Eternal Home someday, we will look back on all the things we stressed so much over and laugh. Most of what we worry about doesn’t matter. It does not have any bearing on our salvation. So, why do we worry about it? Because we are selfish creatures. And moreover, if we did need these things over which we stressed so badly, Christ would give them to us. He knows, more than us, what we need.

We all are called to be where ever we find ourselves at the present moment with the tools we already have. If Christ knows this is enough to Fight the Good Fight, then experience and Scripture tell us it’s true. So, let’s not waste time yearning for what we don’t have. Instead, take what we do possess: our faith, friends (those around us and those far away) and our family and fight God’s fight. After all: I do all things in Christ, who strengthens me.

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  1. Hang in there, kiddo. I kind of know how you feel. My fall senior semester (which turned out to be my only senior semester as I graduated early), the vast majority of my friends were in Rome and by the time they got back I had “graduated”. We’re all here for you and make sure you have fun this year.


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