When Life Knocks You Down…

Sometimes, Life is fun. There are times when it seems as though life could never have been so good and it can’t get any better. Memories are made and life is enjoyed. You relish the moments like this and thank God for them, because you never know when it is going to end or when another one will come along.

And sometimes, life hurts. There are times when it seems as though things are particularly dark and you don’t want it to get darker. Memories are made then, too, but life isn’t so much enjoyed. It seems rainy and you pray for the sun. Sometimes, it’s a little rain and sometimes it’s a lot of rain. But no matter how hard the rain, when it rains it does indeed pour. It’s enough during the rainy seasons to take life one day at a time, and sometimes you feel ever so lonely.

At mass the other day, a priest said something very interesting during the homily. It’s stuck in my mind. Whenever life gets you down, and things are going really poorly, life hurts. Especially when life throws things at you that you can only deal with yourself. There’s no one that can understand your hurt. When your heart is breaking and you worry about those you love, and your friends are busy. No one is there. That’s what it feels like, anyway. But, it’s when you feel the most alone that Christ is the closest to you.

In such an unstable, constantly changing period of time — life — it can be hard to pick up and move on. But, to know that, no matter who won’t support you, who hurts you, no matter who defends the other guy, God is always there. He knows the truth. He knows what happened and He always understands. He is the only one who you can depend upon. God won’t leave you to go to work, He won’t not talk to you, and He won’t defend the person who hurt you.

As much as I love people, they can be so frustrating. God isn’t. He always knows me. He cries every time I cry. He picks me up when I fall and holds me when my heart is crushed. And when I feel better, my Father will put me down again. And I will jump back into the ring and fight the good fight.

It’s just such a comforting thought to know, no matter how we feel, we are never really alone. God is with us always.

One thought on “When Life Knocks You Down…

  1. Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve noticed that life hasn’t been exactly smooth sailing on top floor Cat’s for my friends–know that you’re in my prayers dear, even when I’m hidden away working.


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