God Hugs and Head Tousles

They say that you don’t have perfect happiness in this life. Now, if I set out to dispute that, I would be essentially buying myself a one-way, first class ticket to the Hot Place. I am not intending to intentionally condemn myself to Hell. Not my way to spend an afternoon. While we don’t have perfect happiness, I think that God does allow us brief, intense moments where we experience almost perfect happiness.

For some reason, I get a lot of these Heaven samples during Spring and, consequently, during Lent. I get them in the Chapel an awful lot. Father Heisler put it perfectly. It’s kind of like God is reaching down and rubbing your head. But, maybe that’s what He does for His guys. For His girls, it’s different. Girls don’t respond well to tousling of the hair. It disrupts our order. Who would know this better than God?

No, God does not mess up His girls’ hair. He gives us God hugs. What wonderful things these are, too! It feels as though God is sweeping you up into the air and into His arms where He holds you as long as He sees fit. These are lovely little things. I once asked Father Heisler if he gets God hugs. “No,” he answered. “God just kicks me.” Ted very aptly put it, “I think God kicks His sons and hugs His daughters.” I agree. Men respond better to abuse.

I mean, think about it. Put two brothers in the same room. What do they do? Promptly break everything in the room by wrestling. For those of you who never had brothers, I pity you. You never had quality enjoyment like my four sisters when we sat watching my two brothers fight to the death. It was violent, but it was somehow an expression of love.

It’s probably the same with the guys and God. Why would God hug guys if guys rarely hug each other? No, instead God tousles their hair. This is exactly why when exiting the church most guys’ hair is messed up. They need some love from their Father and He gives it to them in a way that boys understand best.

It’ the same with the girls. We come out of the Chapel beaming because our Daddy has just held us for a moment or two. He kind of comes up behind you and and gently puts His arms around you. You can feel it because you suddenly feel surrounded by Happiness and comfort. God is there, and He’s loving you. It’s amazing.

It’s during these moments that we feel incredibly close to God. He makes Himself close. When we are suffering or just had a rotten day, God understands. He wants us to come to Him in our lonliness and dejection. This is humbling ourselves before Christ, which is something that is essential to our salvation. And when we do put ourselves at Christ’s feet, He’ll reach down to His boys and tousle their hair and hold His little girls. He will comfort us. He is comfort.

2 thoughts on “God Hugs and Head Tousles

  1. You know, I think this meditation has scriptural support, too: think of the ANgel of the Lord wrestling with Jacob! No such thing happens with the women in the Bible. But lots of times women come crying to Jesus and He comforts them.BTW…I’m still waiting on your “Corporation Theology” (cf “My CEO Rocks”) to be further developed šŸ˜‰ Since you have so much time.


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