Baby Smith

Meet the first of the next generation of Smiths. This is my niece/nephew, Justin and Molly’s baby. I got these pictures Friday and it basically set the mood for the rest of my weekend. I am not sure if I have any friends that haven’t seen these pictures. Tell me that this is not the cutest little person you have ever seen! The baby is due July 15 and, thanks be to God, so far everything is going really well!

Molly said that when they were taking the ultrasound on Friday, the baby wouldn’t stop moving. Also, everytime the screen slid past the baby’s face, the mouth was going. Sounds like it’s taken after the Daddy’s family. But it did get Molly’s long legs, so the baby will probaby be tall. That’s really good! At one point during the ultrasound, Molly felt a really strange sensation and the nurse quickly put the ultrasound on the spot, only to see the baby, who was apparently getting a little stuffy, stretch its leg straight out. The nurse got an adorable picture of the baby’s foot!

Molly and Justin are so excited. Although, I must say that it didn’t take the ultrasound to get my brother excited. He’s been very diligent about keeping me updated in regards to feeling the baby kick! Apparently the baby’s been doing a lot of that.

The profile of the baby did make me think. I mean, look at that picture. The lips, the nose, the ear. You can see so much. It’s so obviously a baby. How, then, does a doctor look at that and say that it’s not a human? How does a doctor look at a picture like that and then destroy the baby? I don’t understand. For me, I looked at that picture and tears welled up in my eyes. What a miracle that is! A little person in Molly. Molly really put it in perspective over Christmas when she said, “It’s two souls in one body.” How simple and profound…and so true! But, I guess that’s what so perverted about evil is that it doesn’t make sense.

I do ask you to keep the family in your prayers. While it’s good that things are going so well right now, it’s also good to keep them that way!

One thought on “Baby Smith

  1. Molly and I both thought that this was a beautiful post – thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. You’re a special sister, and a great person. We’re glad you’re excited with us!


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