The Road to Monday is Paved with Good Intentions

So, the weekend started out with all good intentions to do lots of homework and relax a lot. I promise. But, I should not make promises like that because then Life stands in the way. However, this time it was life being kind and charitable because obviously Life knew that I needed a fun and random weekend with no homework. (I’ll have my grades mailed to Life at the end of the term.)

Saturday found me at the National Forest, hanging out with the guys and gals and Justin, who was leaving the next day. It was really good to be able to just leave everything behind and go up to the mountains. How beautiful it is up there! I miss camping so much! Yes, I am an avid camper. I love the outdoors! It is God’s way! Anyway, Larry made some excellent hamburgers, so excellent in fact that when I got back to my rooom later, I realized that I was wearing some of the hamburger juice on my shirt. Thank you, Larry! :o) After we ate, we just sat around while AJ playing the guitar and we just sang. I was so happy during those few moments. We were sitting on the side of a mountain after the sun had sunk behind the peaks and we all were just singing together. It was so peaceful. I am going to be one sad little girl come May.

Sunday was awesome! After Mass, the girls piled into Niki’s car and headed to Manassass for Christy’s surprise Bridal Shower. It was a success. She had no idea and we spend the afternoon playing Bridal Bingo (which I won) and watching Christy open her gifts. I had, again, all good intentions to leave straight from the Shower and head back to study. But, God knew I needed some fun. After having held a two minute coversation with Kelly and her mom, I realized I had just said yes to an invitation to dinner. My conscience tried to ruin my plans, but I stubbornly ignored it. I am very glad that I did.

I have not had that much fun in a long time. It was so good to be with Kelly’s family for an evening. Nora had me laughing almost non-stop and Bridget was kind enough to show me her beautiful Irish dancing dresses, which I had never seen before. I also had real Cow’s milk for the first time in my life. It was delicious! I had such a good time and Mrs. Mulhern was an excellent hostess! It will be a memory I will cherish for a long time.

So, while I know that the road to the hot place is paved with good intentions, I also know that God sometimes has us not fulfill our intentions for better reasons. I had an awesome weekend. And now, I get to go cram for class! :o)

3 thoughts on “The Road to Monday is Paved with Good Intentions

  1. Well, Adrienne, I certainly hope that Mom and Dad are still reading your blog. This weekend of revelry and sloth will certainly be enough to send them back into their gelid moods. Actually, the past few times that I have talked to Dad, he has been in a much better mood, so maybe things are looking up.Get to WORK!!!


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