Those Nearest and Dearest

I know I don’t speak for myself when I say that I am blessed to have so many people in my life who love me. I am blessed with many beautiful, holy, and fun friends who care for me because I’m me. I have a large family who, as well, cares a great deal for me. And believe me, these incredible and fundamental emotions do not go un-returned. These people in my life, family and friends, are greatly valued, so much so that many of them have no idea quite how grateful I am.

My mother always says that each person’s life is a stage and the people in our lives, actors. God puts all those actors in our lives for a reason. Some people flit across the stage and pass out of our lives in a short time. Others, however, play a lead role in our lives. Friends are a good example, but even deeper is family. These people we call Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister have so much value in our lives. They affect us in so many ways and leave a lasting impact, so much more than that of our friends.

But, sometimes don’t always return this huge favor. Sometimes, we take for granted the presence of people in our lives. We appreciate them and we love them, but we don’t work hard enough to show them how much they mean to us. Sometimes, we dont’ even bother to try to reach out to them when they need us most.

And then, one day they’re gone. It’s too late. You had your chances to hold them a second or two longer or to spend a little extra time with them. They have left our stage. And as desperately as we call out to them, they no longer can hear our cries.

I see, at home and at school, people ignoring and taking for granted the people in their lives. Friends don’t fully appreciate those lives God has place so generously in thier world. But, even deeper and more fundamentally than friends, siblings even make this fatal mistake. Brothers will ignore each other and spend more time with thier friends. Sisters will pass up the awesome love of each other and replace each other with friends. What a travesty!

These people will not be around forever. They go away and sometimes, they go away in a way that was never imagined or expected. I am not just speaking of death, because there are so many things that can happen to someone you love. And you’ll try to call and keep up with them, but they don’t want to hear from you. Your e-mails will go unanswered. You’ll get so angry with yourself for not appreciating them, not reaching out enough. This situation is not at all uncommon.

So, while you still have your brother the in the dorm or your sister down the hall, reach out. Love them. Inspire them. Hold them. Because there may come a day when you can’t reach them at all. No one can ever fully appreciate the love between siblings. Until they are gone.

3 thoughts on “Those Nearest and Dearest

  1. Adrienne, I’m dying of cancer. The doctors say that I don’t have much longer – probably only two or three days. Hopefully you will read this comment before then… *gasp* It was… fun! *choke* Oh my…ha ha ha ha! I love you, Adrienne. Just remember that.


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