The Cocktail Party

This last week has been one of the most hectic in my life. I had three huge papers that I had to have finished before I left for break and personal stuff going on. And anything that could have gone wrong, did. It’s amazing that this little chic is still standing. But, I reign victorious.

I had a dilemma, however, with all this nasty stuff going on. This week and weekend was the fall play, “The Cocktail Party”. At least four of my friends were involved in the production of this play. And of course they laid the pressure on thick. “Are you going to the play we worked so hard on?” the three seniors doing backstage work asked. Of course, they asked the day that I saved over a paper that I had spent three days writing. It was all I could do to look at them with out passing out from shock. At that point, I saw no possible way of being able to go. I broke the news to them with a shattered heart (yes, Ted, I do have one of those even though I shaving creamed your room Friday night).

I then made the goal. I was going to have the papers done by Saturday night so that I could go to the play on Sunday. Oh, the fates tried to stop me (they are hateful, wicked things!), they tried. But, they failed. I got my papers done last night and went to the play this afternoon.

Ok, I would like to commend everyone who was involved with that play. It was a phenomenal production. And I was told by a two people, whom are dating eachother, that it wasn’t a great play. They told me this before I went to the play, so I was set up for disappointment. But I came away apalled. The actors and stage crew pulled off a wonderful and moving performance and I was left breathless. I laughed through the first act and cried throughout the second. The play was incredibly deep.

The actors and actresses seem to become the people they were playing and it brought me so much further into the play. The dialogue was incredible and the emotions they felt danced perfectly across their faces.

So, I just thought that I would take a moment and thank my friends for insisting I go. And also congratulate them on a wonderful and moving performance! You all were awesome!

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