Catholic Guys are Awesome!

The average single girl has proclaimed, at least once in her time as a single girl, that men are morons. We do this in times of intense frustration with the opposite sex or when there are only one or two of us sitting in our empty rooms on any given night when our attached friends are out with their significant others. Now, this flippant statement probably is better not stated, but for centuries our female ancestors have been guilty of similar statements, so obviously it is something genetic or has root in the Fall. All the same I, too, have been guilty of once in a while being frustrated with the male gender and have made similar claims concerning the moron-ness of men.

I now realize that all along I was wrong. Men are not morons. I mean, as any self-respecting girl will tell you, they have their moments. However, men can be so incredibly wonderful. Especially Catholic guys.

Last night, I was at the Halloween dance at the O’Donnels’. The evening was full of revelry, chatting, and dancing. The costumes were wonderfully done, especially the two security guards that showed up. It was a nice chance to catch up with friends and just have some fun. As the night drew on, however, the weather grew more and more cold. About fifteen minutes before the end of the dance, my friends and I were ready to go. It was decided that I would follow Micah in the mini-van and Sophi and Ashley would ride with me. Micah took a ditch in the yard with no problem and was on the road fine. I, however, was not so sure that my rather tiny car could manage it. After much insistance that I would be fine from one of the girls in my car, I attempted the ditch. I also failed. My car was stuck. I tried reversing and drive, but to no avail. I began to panick.

My Dad, an incredible man whom I adore, taught me that, when I first learned to drive, the primary rule of driving was: Never panick. This ran through my head as I exited my car to speak with Micah.

Five guys then attempted to get my car out of the ditch, again to no avail. I was beginning to get very worried. I prayed to God and Saint Faustina, an incredible saint, to get me out of this mess. One of my guy friends told me to call Road Side Assistance under my insurance agency. The agency told me this was not covered under my policy. It was then that I began to cry. Mrs. O’Donnel told me not to worry, but at that point it was already too late. Almost all the cars were gone by this time and already some of the guys that had been helping me before had gone back to campus. I began to get myself ready for the dreaded phone call to my parents.

This is when it happened. This is when I was proved wrong about my erroneous summation of men. Out of nowhere, almost fifteen guys surrounded my car and, after calming me down, grabbed the front of my car and had it out of the ditch within thirty seconds. It was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in long time. Some rather small girl in trouble and, with out giving it a second thought, fifteen selfless and strong guys get me out of a rather large mess. They all are my knights.

I want to personally thank everyone of the guys who spent time out in the cold night to pull me out of the ditch. I hope each of you know that I am forever grateful for your strength and kindness. You all are awesome. Catholic guys are awesome!

Thank you to each of you.

12 thoughts on “Catholic Guys are Awesome!

  1. That is awesome! I miss the Christendom guys. I miss the O’Donnell barn dance. I miss the O’Donnells. Anyway, I totally agree. I have more than once said, “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.” And while every once and awhile, they would do good to have a boulder lobbed that them, most guys, especially the Christendom variety, deserve way more credit than they ever get.


  2. Well I guess that makes us jerks. We saw your car stuck, contemplated coming over (as we drove by) but looked and decided there were enough folks there to solve the problem. With that, we drove away into the night, like the mysterious men we are!


  3. Yeah, you are jerks, pretty much. You should have stopped to make sure, if you were as awesome as the the fifteen knights of Ditchville.


  4. Ok, this wasn’t meant to turn into any kind of contest, self-defense session, insulting fight. It was simply meant to thank the fifteen guys who gathered around my car to help get me out. If you can’t look beyond yourselves and see simple and unadulterated kindness, then that’s your issue. But don’t be negative to those who didn’t help or to girls in general. Just look at simple christian charity, smile over it, and move on.Thanks.


  5. Whoa Adrienne, you would reprimand one for supposedly railing against girls, but what about the first comment? You are not a very judicious administrator. The bitter child who commented first is clearly the one who had issues. I, for one, can see beyond many things with my X-ray powers, and what’s more I saw your car stuck. Thought I to myself, “A woman in distress, we must free her vehicle before her sensibilities are much hurt by fear and worry.” Away to my tools went I, and, to relieve such a fair and attractive young maiden of small and delicate size, I was prepared to employ my sixteen sticks of dynamite to dislodge thy mode of vehicular transportation from the accurssed hell-trap, the devil’s own ditch. However, as I approached with the sixteen sticks of sturmgeistity, fifteen hefty minions of that foul wonder-worker Dane Weber arrived on the scene and carried thy car from the ditch as if it were so much gold taken from a pirate’s hideaway. Fled into the darkness I did.


  6. Wow, incredible you are! :o) Well, thanks for almost coming to help, although I don’t know where you would’ve gotten the dynamite. And the boys who helped were not minions of Dane. They showed up on their own accord. Too bad you didn’t keep coming over. At the very least it would’ve been nice pray for another guy for the rest of my days. Why stop at sixteen when seventeen is more fun???Next time, I hope you don’t flee into the darkness. It’d be nice to put a face on the black fox… :o)


  7. It is good to hear that these men were not minions of the Danish Weber, but drove in their own Accord. As for adding one more to make seventeen to the sixteen, I’m quite confident that sixteen stix of dynamite is sufficient. To quote a Miller: “Dynamite comes in small packages.” Unbeknownst to that personage, these small packages arrive by boat from countries which lie to our south.


  8. Lol! Well, Black Fox, thank you for your genuine concern the night of the ditch incident! :o) You’re very witty!And dynamite isn’t the only thing to come in small packages…good things do, too! :o)


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