A Philosphy Frenzy

There is now proof that I, the short chic who has no mind for the intellectual in the least, can understand and actually become incredibly excited, about philosophy. Part of this is in thanks to my current philosophy professor and also partly to a small group of really smart sophomores.

As I was attempting to study early yesterday evening for my Philosophy of Human Nature test that was today, I began several times to have panick attacks. Much of this attitude goes back to the fact that God did not bless me with brains. (The results have yet to come back as to what exactly is up there in my little head.) Previous philosophy mid-terms and finals have found me in wicked tears and giving myself migraines while out for coffee (as to which Dan can attest). So, it was no surprise when, upon my exiting the dorms last night on the way to a study group, three of my closest friends had to calm me down from one of my pre-panick attack moments. Actually, the two girls calmed me, while the boy just stood and looked quite scared.

Anyway, I went to my study group, which almost did not work. But when we all finally calmed down and started to work our way through the material, we finally started to see the correlation. I started to understand! This is a huge and incredible thing! As we neared the end of the material, the information, and consequently our adrenaline, started to rush super fast. Needless to say, we all hit a philosophy frenzy. Everything made sense and it was completely fascinating. For one moment, the entire solar system stood still in awe because I, the philosophically slow girl, understood and got excited about Philosophy. I was philosophizing, in the truest sense.

So, the next time I become frustrated about philosophy and start tearing down its name in front of numerous philosophy majors, don’t get upset. I have earned the right to do so. I earned it because I learned it.

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