Kansas is not God’s way

I must start out my blog stating something that I think the philosophers and theologians have missed over the last thousands of years. Kansas is inherently evil. But the fact that these supposedly intelligent people could have missed this obvious fact is because Kansas, in the actual form, has not exsisted until very recently. However, aren’t these philosophers second cousins to the prophets of the Old Testament, since they know about that prime matter stuff?

Anyway, it is my hope that my family will not be located in the state much longer. There are two possibilities, rather slim at the moment, that we could join the ranks of civilization again and thus have a home again. Civilization (and a home) is definitely God’s way and this is quite possibly why civilization does not exsist in southern Kansas. According to philosphers, you can’t have two opposites in one place. Therefore, since civilization is God’s way and Kansas is not, clearly Kansas is not civilized, at lease Southern Kansas anyway.

Until the day when my family makes a grand Exodus from Satan’s Toy Box (sorry, Kyle), I will continue to pray. I know, however, until the day we leave Kansas, God has a reason for us to be there. The day we fulfill this reason and are allowed to leave, I will be the happiest little girl on earth. It is my sincere hope that this day comes very soon. After all, a home is a very nice thing to have, especially during the Holidays.

6 thoughts on “Kansas is not God’s way

  1. Kansas isn’t as bad as all that, Miss Fun Size. Just remember that you may well be visiting nieces and nephews in that state at some point in the future. Hopefully it would be in Northeastern Kansas, though, which actually has hills and some civilization up around Kansas City/Topeka. Then again, you may be stuck visiting them in Oklahoma City, as well. It doesn’t sound to me like the chances are as ‘slim’ as you’re making them sound. Father sounds pretty excited!


  2. This is true, Mr. Triumvir. However, let the record show that I did clarify and state southeastern Kansas. And how I cannot wait to have nieces and nephews to visit. I will spoil them rotten and tell all the wicked stories about thier father!


  3. Addie we are so glad you have a blog, now people can see your great writing skills. You are so right about Kansas! Justin,you better not even try to get a job in Kansas or you will be cursed for life!!!!!!!! Laura+Kathleen


  4. Adrienne, I have never been to Canzas, but from what you write, it sounds most appealing and jovial. Perhaps some day I shall build a home there on the wind-swept plains watching the bobbing, beautiful, babes in arms romp and play in the fields. You are ever a true friend, your jiou prer perchaux,Liv4armaniJustin, congrats on marriage! Molly, I saw pictures and you are a beautiful bride! What a great day for it too!


  5. This blog posits that God has a “way.”I answer that:First, “A usual or customary course of action or state of affairs.” – such is the dictionary definition for “way.” “That is not God’s way.” – This phrase is incorrect in its assumption that God the Father, an Unlimited Supreme Being without boundary can possibly have a “way.”Second, because of instance the First, claiming that something is or is not God’s “way” is blasphemous and profane, for it defies and degrades, or attempts at it, the very nature of the Divine Trinity. Such a claim or statement is not in accord with Divine Revelation nor the canons of the Holy Faith.Third, in light of argument Second,Users and professors of this phrase sin on one of two counts. Either the utterer of such a vacuous statement does not intend what it implies or states, and thus creates scandal by the appearance of heresy, or the utterer is an informal heretic by virtue of the profession and all that it implies.


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